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I have been a fan of Jennifer Dyer’s work for a couple of years now and was thrilled to see that her website has been updated when I visited recently. It includes several new projects including this amazing home in Los Angeles. I have a feeling it may be her new home because I recognize a lot of accessories from her previous home. The image above was what originally drew me in. I loved the colors in the room and the fact that they are muted, yet feel a bit bold. The composition of the room is really alluring to me as well.


{The beautiful vignette in the first image is part of what may be the most inviting dining room I’ve seen as of late. There is such a laid-back element of casual elegance here and I love that she has brought the outdoors in.}

 dining3 {It seems to me that this room was probably meant to be a living room because of the vaulted, beamed ceiling, the fireplace, and the French doors. However, I think it is stunning as a dining room!}


{The kitchen is bananas! Of course, I love the white kitchen and the graphic wallpaper and rug.}

living3{ How fabulous is the tufted ottoman? There are so many lovely details in every room of this home!}


{So, if my suspicions are correct and the dining room is in a room that was meant to be the living room, then this must be what was intended as the original dining room. I love the mix of fabrics and patterns and love the way that Jennifer chose to display the art in this room.}

living detail {More Lovely Details}

bedroom view

{What a view! I love the color of the velvet chair.}


{Talk about glamour! Most of the homes Jennifer designs have an element of Hollywood Regency and glamour present.}


This office is so well-accessorized. That may be my favorite wing-back chair right now! The shape and cognac leather are scrumptious! The skylight windows add such an interesting element to the room.}


{The Idyllic Rooftop Garden}


{Sadly, we don’t have views like this in Houston. Isn’t this stunning?}


Image Credit: Jennifer Dyer Interiors


By the way, the lovely Caitlin is featuring my home on her wonderful blog, Sacramento Street today. Please stop by when you have a moment.

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