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this or that

I often like to play a little game with my husband or even on my own, where you are faced with two options and must choose the one that appeals to you the most. For example: Paris or Barcelona? Chanel or Dior? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? You get the drift. I thought it would be fun to do “This or That?” features on La Dolce Vita from time to time because I love hearing your opinions and learning more about my readers.

Today’s “This or That?” is a toughie. It presented itself to me when I was driving through one of Houston’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Tanglewood last week. I turned onto this particular street and didn’t know whether to look to my left or my right! On the right, there was a gorgeous Spanish Mediterranean house and on the left another beauty in more of a Coastal style. I asked myself, “Paloma, if you could have either of these houses, which one would you choose?”. It really was a nearly impossible decision because they are both so gorgeous, but as you can see, they are completely different.this or that home1

April 2010 005I have long admired this home and even included it in my post on Tanglewood a couple of years ago. There are many “Mediterranean-Inspired” homes in Houston, but a lot of them are a bit on the tacky side. This has so many gorgeous details and is reminiscent of a 1920’s California Spanish-style home. Isn’t a beauty?

 April 2010 007 {The Lovely Entrance}


April 2010 006

{More Details}

this or that home

April 2010 002

{I have to say that pictures do not do this house justice. While it is undoubtedly an attractive house, it is even more stunning in person. Notice all of the French doors. They are on the backside of the house as well. Just imagine all of the gorgeous light that must flood in. Outside, in front of each set of doors, hang the most beautiful turquoise lanterns.}

April 2010 004

{Another Lantern in the Port Cochere}

April 2010 001

{This house reminds me so much of Erika of Urban Grace. If you are familiar with her work, then you know that is a very good thing!}

this or that2

So, it’s definitely a tough choice. Both homes are gorgeous, but are obviously very different in style. I wish I could see the interiors! Did you have a visceral response to either one or did you go back and forth like I did? Which would you choose?

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