Making it Your Own


{Jayme Armour Leffler in her Gorgeous Cottage in Decatur, Georgia}

The mail lady was very good to me on Friday. She brought me several of my favorite magazines including the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens, which includes this fabulous cottage of Jayme Armour Leffler, owner of Armour & Co in Atlanta (reason #1,001 of why I need to take a trip to A-town stat!). The 1928 stone cottage was a rental, but Jayme was determined to put her own stamp on the home, which was originally very dark and reminiscent of a “hunting lodge”.

bhg4 {Not only do accessories add visual impact, they also give a home charm and character.}

Jayme found a few clever ways to make a rental house feel like her home. With the landlord’s blessing, she completed a few cosmetic changes to update the cottage and make it feel brighter. She painted the hunter green walls in various soothing shades, had custom seagrass rugs cut for the rooms, she put up her own light fixtures where unsightly ceiling fans once hung, and added bamboo blinds to the windows.  Jayme’s approach is amazing! Not only did she make the home feel much more stylish, she didn’t have to take on any expensive renovations on a home that won’t be hers in the long run, and she helped the landlord increase the property value of the home. Anyone could implement these non-committal projects in their own rental home with stunning results.


{How cute is the front door? I love the organic objects on the little desk.}


{A Mix of Fiberglass and Bamboo Chairs lend an Eclectic Vibe to the Dining Room}


{I love Jayme's bedroom! The use of color is wonderful and I love the accessories she has chosen. Everything feels fresh and youthful. The sunburst mirror looks great over the bamboo shades.}

bhg2 {Naturally, Jayme has some fantastic accessories in her home. After all, she owns a great home decor store. If you don’t live near Jayme’s store, you can find accessories like the ones in her home at places like Homegoods, which usually has a great assortment.}


{This charming little patio is right off of the master bedroom. The window/door is beautiful and I love all of the colors here. In fact, Jayme incorporated color so brilliantly throughout the entire cottage.}


Image Credit: Rob Brinson for Better Homes and Gardens

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