The Art of Storing Jewelry

I love costume jewelry. Pretty necklaces, glamorous earrings, fun bracelets… you name it and I’ve got it. A ton of it. My problem is storing it all. I went a little nuts with Stella and Dot’s new Spring line and now that my shipment has arrived, I have been thinking about where I am going to put it all. I have a large jewelry box on my bathroom counter, a smaller one on the shelf in my bathroom, and several organizers in my linen closet. Generally speaking, I am a very neat and fairly organized person, but I know that many of you are bound to be far more organized than I am! How do you store your jewelry?
I would love to find a small, vintage dresser in which to store and organize my jewelry. Perhaps I would then be able to consolidate it all!
I am open to any ideas you might have. I am sure many of you have clever solutions for jewelry storage, so please share!
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Image Credits: # 1 and #2 via Domino, #3 via This is Glamorous

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