Fabulous Room Friday 11.20.09

This week’s fabulous room comes from my image archives. I spent most of the week and the greater part of yesterday afternoon trying to find a new space to feature this week. Much to my dismay, I kept coming up empty-handed. It’s not that I wasn’t coming across any beautiful spaces, but none of them were really speaking to me. Perhaps I didn’t have a specific vision of what I was searching for.

Today, it is cool and rainy in Houston and all I am craving is some comfort. Once I registered this sentiment, Deborah Needleman’s Tribeca living room immediately came to mind. It is a warm, well-defined space that would be perfect on a day like today. In true Domino style, she mixes a variety of styles, like a Lucite coffee table and French-inspired chairs. I love the palette she used in this space. It is mostly neutral, but is punctuated with a few beautiful colors, like the olive green console, the graphite chairs, and pink throw pillows. All in all, it seems like the perfect place to spend a lazy day or to gather with friends.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Image Credit: Melanie Acevedo for New York Magazine

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