Falling in Love with London's Doorways

{How perfect is this? I love the color of the medallion and the fancy script that reads No. 1. Of course, it's number one!}

London is such an easy city to fall in love with. There are so many incredible things about it and best of all, it leaves you wanting more. One of my favorite things about the city was the gorgeous architecture. Elegant and stately, everything is very clean, well-manicured, and ultra charming. There were so many houses that I was completely smitten by in London, but I have always loved doors and doorways, so they especially caught my eye on this trip.

Perfect Symmetry

I'm not crazy about the glass block steps on the left, but I thought it was interesting to see how neighbors had updated their doorways over time.

I fell in love with this quaint, little street.

Love the turquoise!

Kensington- Notice the placement of the doorknob.



Isn't this the most beautiful shade of blue? I think this is my favorite color right now.

So many buildings have these charming flower boxes...

especially the pubs. I would say the pubs probably had the most beautiful displays of flowers spilling from their windows.

A less elegant, more industrial, but no less charming residential building in the East End

I love the beautiful, feminine details of these doorways, especially the one on the left. This was definitely one of my favorites.

Around the Corner from Spitalfield's Market

A little austere, but lovely nonetheless

I love this. Do you think the neighbors are friends? They must get along fairly well in order to have agreed on colors that complement each other this well. I can't get over how perfectly straight the line dividing the colors in the center is.

I thought this cascading plant was gorgeous! Any idea what it might be?

As much as I loved the bright colored doors, I thought black was a great choice for this home.
So many doors had doorknobs in the center of the door as opposed to on the left, which I thought was really neat. I also love the doorknocker here.
All of the homes at the Tower of London have bright, turquoise doors.

A Stately Home near Buckingham Palace. Aren't the doors gorgeous?

I thought this townhouse on Gloucester Road was exceptionally pretty.

Masculine and Elegant

Royal Blue in a Royal City

A Cute Little House

I thought this old red door was really neat. I didn't see too many red doors in London. Various shades of blue seemed to be favored over red. I don't think the trim color really goes with the red door, but I digress.

Another quaint street with lovely homes in Kensington

These pretty flower doorknobs were everywhere in the British Museum!

This house was hands-down, one of my favorites. I love the flowers spilling out of the windows, the stately black doors, and the fabulous sign with the street number. So gorgeous!

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