Tate Update

Tate just had his 4 month birthday on the 20th and I figured we were due for an update. He is growing like a weed! It is hard to tell on a day to day basis, but when I go back and look at photos from when we first brought him home, I cannot believe how quickly he has grown! He weighed 4.7lbs when we first got him and he now weighs 9 lbs. I have taught him sit, down, and wait, and he has also learned leave it and drop it at puppy school, which he attends once a week.

He is a total lovebug, though he has a mischiveous streak and will get into anything if you let him. He has started chewing on things because he is teething and while he has plenty of toys and chews to relieve the discomfort, he seems to prefer our household items! I was so upset two nights ago because he chewed up the corner of one of my orange throw pillows. I searched for so long trying to find the perfect shade of orange and finally found them at the Crate and Barrel outlet nearly 3 hours away! Oh well. Tate has brought so much joy into our lives and we couldn't love him more. Our whole family is crazy about him and our parents treat him as if he were their first-born grandson! I have also given him plenty of nicknames, as I tend to do for the people I love. I call him Tatey,Tater Tot, T, T-Tot, Baby Boy, Big Boy, B-Boy, Beebs, and so on. Poor guy! I think he understands that they are all meant for him because he answers to most of them.

Fabian asked to be cropped out of these. Ha Ha!

Tatey looks like Chewbaca here.

He is getting so big!

This was taken right before bed time, hence my glamorous get-up. He looked so cute that I couldn't resist posting this picture, just excuse Tate's hot mess mama.

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