Fabulous Room Friday: 07.17.09

I found this room in photographer, Melanie Acevedo's portfolio and immediately felt a sense of melancholy. The rustic look of this dining room feels like the perfect setting for a delicious meal with good friends, great conversation, and equally great wine. Though it looks nothing like the restaurant in El Escorial, Spain that it reminds me of, this dining room definitely brings back the feeling of enjoying a lovely, simple meal in a relaxed, yet beautiful setting. The architecture is the true star here. You have soaring sealings and a beautiful old window to gaze at. The furniture and accessories aren't extraordinary, but are quite charming in a thrown together, European style. I feel like Europeans do the layered look so well. Or in this case, it looks like someone just pulled out whatever they had collected over the years and it just happens to look great together.

Wishing you at least one lovely meal with good friends and great conversation this weekend! Happy Friday!

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