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Kishani Perera's aptly named design firm, fuse ID is the complete embodiment of modern eclectic style. Perera masterfully blends together a variety of inspired styles, some of which take root in different cultures. She has worked with many Hollywood celebrities including Kate Bosworth, Christine Taylor, Josh Duhamel, and her most famous client, Molly Sims, for whom she has famously designed two homes. I think my favorite thing about Perera's work is the way that she seamlessly blends together various styles and adds unexpected touches. Although some of her work is downright eccentric (check out the Beverly Hills pied-a-terre in her portfolio), she seems very much in tune with her clients and knows how far to take things on each individual project. I find her work refreshing because it doesn't feel stuffy and there isn't an ounce of pretense in it. She uses bold colors, bends the rules, and adds unexpected surprises.

The Living Room in Perera's "Miracle Mile Revival"

The bedroom in the "Miracle Mile Revival" House
I love the use of paint here. She uses several complementary tones to add interest to the room.

The living room in the "Laurel Canyon Hideaway" feels a little more grown up than the last project. I love the chandeliers which draw your eye up to the gorgeous beamed ceiling. The patterned upholstery on the sofas is very cool.

The "Bel Air Estate" has the most formal look of the projects in Perera's portfolio. I love that she juxtaposes the formality of the room with a playful pattern on the upholstery and more modern tripod lamps.

The outdoor living space in the "Artists Abode" is so fun! I love the table and the colors she used.

I featured this "Decorators Studio" in my Office Space post yesterday, but couldn't leave it out today. I just love it! The rug is so pretty. I love the table and chairs and the storage shelf with the baskets is both attractive and functional.

A Drafting Desk in the "Decorators Studio"
Notice the beautiful, ethnic-looking bookcase.

Molly Sims' homes are loved by many in the blog world and are probably Perera's most recognized projects. Here, we have the gorgeous kitchen in her home in the Hollywood Hills. How cool are those pendants? Sadly, she sold it last year. I am dying to see what her new house looks like!

The dining room in Molly's "Hollywood Hills Mediterranean" features vintage chairs and a venetian chandelier.

Molly's Feminine Office

The Master Bedroom in Molly's Home in the Hollywood Hills

Molly's SoHo apartment is one of my personal favorites and is probably hands-down the most identifiable of Perera's projects. I adore the grey palette used throughout the home.

Molly's bedroom in SoHo is very feminine.

The master bathroom is gorgeous!

A Vignette Featuring a Beautiful Vintage Lamp and Photograph

Molly's to-die-for Living Room in SoHo

Molly's SoHo kitchen features vintage stools, a vintage series of botanical prints, and an antique Parisian chandelier. In fact, many of the furnishings in this home were found in Parisian flea markets.

All images via fuse ID

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