Personal Style, Defined: Julie of Shelter

I am so excited to bring you the second installment of my "Personal Style, Defined." Series! This time around, the incredibly talented Julie Richard of Shelter will be sharing her favorite space with us. I started reading Julie's blog earlier this year and was instantly smitten. I couldn't believe how many images I loved on her blog. It was like finding my blogging soulmate! Needless to say, I love her taste and think her work is amazing. Today, she will be sharing her son's amazing nursery with us and I must say, this one is going in the inspiration files for the future. I think it is quite possibly my favorite nursery ever! Thank you so much for participating in this series, Julie!

First off I want to thank Paloma for including me in her group of wonderful bloggers to take part in this series.

My personal style is always evolving, it truly can change with my mood. Usually when I create rooms, I work more on feeling and emotion. My ultimate goal is create rooms that reflect my client's desires both aesthetically and functionally. On the same note, I don't think I could create a room without infusing some of my personal style.

Stylistically I am drawn to designs {fashion, interiors + landscape} that contain an interplay of classicism and modernism. I appreciate both alone, but when paired, they soar.

The rooms I design are all about balance and the art of layering! Contrast in materials, texture, color and shape are key. Comfort is also very important. I love rooms that look inviting, have depth, and contain a hint of glamour. The glamorous facet can be introduced in the subtlest of ways, but if you remove it, I think you tend to loose some of the "wow" factor. I also love a room that hasn't been taken too seriously by the designer. I think that is why I loved Domino so much.
I wanted to share a personal space with everyone. Pictured is my son's bedroom. The architecture of my home is classic so I wanted to create a room with modern influences.
I approached the room with an object that inspired me. In this case the launching point was a graphic print elephant pillow by Dwell Studios. I didn't want a room that screamed sweet baby. I wanted the space to have some longevity. So the color palette stemmed from the pillow. I used greens, turquoise, a smokey aqua blue, chocolate and a warm white. I don't like rooms that feel too perfect, so I usually try to throw them off a bit if they start to feel contrived. I wanted to balance the organic shapes of the carpet and pillow with something cleaned lined, hence the graphic stripes. This room is really about the relationship of each chosen object to the whole.
My son's room exemplifies my personal style because it's an interplay of shapes, colors, textures, materials and forms. I tried to keep it from getting predictable. It contains color, new pieces, old pieces, self made and found objects. It's classically modern with a touch of glamour. The lucite and mercury glass lamp provide the needed pop. I enjoy designing rooms that look as if they have evolved over time. I approach my wardrobe in the same way. Anyone can walk into a clothing store and purchase the outfit on the mannequin. The most enjoyable aspect of design is making your style feel unique! I really wanted to create a fun, dynamic, graphic but comfortable space for my son.

To answer your question Paloma, my favorite thing in the room besides my little guy, is the changing table. I love to design furniture. Most of my interiors will contain at least one piece that I either re-vamped or created from scratch.

I designed the changing table and my father constructed it. The top can be removed, so the bins can be filled with books, toys and whatever my son collects as he grows older. It's a special piece for me because it was truly a collaboration between my father and I. I believe rooms should have the ability to evolve over time. They should have a sense of meaning for the owner.

I always tell clients, let's choose what you love, because you will be enjoying this space after I am long gone {as in, finished with the job}.

Thank you for sharing your son's fabulous nursery with us, Julie!

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