Gone to the Dogs!

I am veering away from my regular subject matter because I need help. My husband and I are pretty serious about getting a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppy. Now, as wonderful as it would be to rescue a dog, I have pretty bad allergies so I need a non-shedding "hypo-allergenic" puppy and my husband doesn't want a tiny dog, so the Labradoodle seems pretty ideal for us. I have done a ton of research and they sound like absolutely wonderful dogs, but many of our friends with whom we have shared our puppy plans seem to think that they are less than stellar. Today, my friend Jennifer told me all about her friend's Labradoodle and how crazy it is. We would definitely have a trainer come to the house to help me teach the puppy basic obedience and house training, but I am still worried. My sister in law doesn't think they're cute. Not that this is an issue.To each his own, but seriously, who could resist beautiful, shaggy dogs like these?

If you own a Labradoodle or even a Goldendoodle, or have a friend or family member who does, I would love to hear your personal opinion on these dogs. They certainly aren't cheap, so we want to make absolutely certain that this is the right breed for us. We are planning to visit some breeders in the coming weeks, but there is nothing like someone sharing their personal experience with you. What has your experience been like? Does your dog have a fleece coat or a wool coat? Would you recommend the breed to a friend?

Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles are the result of Labradoodles being bred to Labradoodles. The regular or F1 Labradoodles are bred by simply pairing a poodle with a labrador. When this is done, there is less predictability over their coats and how hypoallergenic they are.
Labradoodles come in three sizes: miniature, medium, and standard. They also come in a wide range of colors. My personal favorite is this cream/apricot color with a black nose.
Such a cutie! This little guy is a red miniature Labradoodle.

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