Seeing Double

A Chic Room Featuring Twin Beds Designed by Barrie Benson

Growing up, I had twin beds in my bedroom. I never shared a room with my sister and to be quite honest, I wished for one big bed for a long time. However, in hindsight, I have realized how charming and practical twin beds can be. Most often, they are used in children's rooms. Perhaps two siblings have to share a bedroom or maybe they are meant for having friends sleep over. I am not a parent, so I can't say I have ever really thought this out completely. Despite the fact that twin beds tend to be seen most often in children's rooms, they are popping up in adult spaces more and more.

First, let's take a look at some children's rooms:

This is one of my favorite Domino rooms ever. The pale blue wall color is gorgeous against the ultra-dark wood floors. The beds with their zebra headboards are just darling and the pink sheets complement the pale blue rather nicely.

Amanda Nisbet is famous for her use of color. How lovely are the headboards and linens on these beds?

Celerie Kemble takes a more masculine approach in this room through the use of chambray upholstered headboards, navy blue, and red. I also love the striped rug and the beautiful linens. Now, I absolutely adore white linens, especially when they're monogrammed, but would you actually use such nice linens in your child's room? Surely, it can't be practical! Maybe if it were for an older, more responsible child, but wouldn't most kids make a mess of them pretty quickly?

I probably don't know what I am talking about, but this is what usually comes to mind when I think of a typical child's room. Cute, colorful, and practical. Moms, do your young children's rooms (ages 3-8) look more like this one designed by Katy Elliott or more like the one above designed by Kemble?
Twin beds are almost always featured in pairs, but every now and then you'll see a room with a single twin bed. The first example (seen above) comes from Amanda Nisbet. Again, she chooses one color and uses it throughout. Notice how the gorgeous headboard, bedskirt, and roman shade all match. This room is decidedly more grown up and would be great for a teenager. Heck, I'd gladly take it!

The second singleton features a soft pink and brown color palette complete with houndstooth bedskirt and patterned rug. Check out the tulip side table. This is such a cute little girl's room. I borrowed this image from Little Green Notebook, but the source is unknown.

As I mentioned before, I have noticed lately that twin beds are being used in more grown-up applications. I think they make a very sophisticated and practical option for a guest room.
I just adore this room by Melissa Rufty. The pink and orange palette is so pretty and the monogrammed linens are divine! It feels modern, but the lamp, antique table, and framed prints lend a vintage quality to the room.

The Arabesque headboards, all white linens, minimalistic side table, and seagrass rug seen here make for the perfect guestroom at a beach house.

Tom Scheerer's Grand Take on a Room with Twin Beds

This room from Living, Etc. is a personal favorite. Have you noticed that most of these rooms have a pink theme? How gorgeous are these linens? I love the continuous use of color throughout the room, along with the lighting, and the little starburst mirror.

Moving away from pink...
This room, also from Living, Etc looks so cozy and inviting. I love the soft turquoise color used here.
This room from COCOCOZY features a similar palette. I love the little, upholstered chairs at the end of each bed.

This room from Domino makes the most of the cramped space through the use of twin beds. The window and convex mirror above it are lovely touches.

This is another personal favorite from Domino. I love the striped rug, pale turquoise walls, and bold upholstered headboards. The result is quite chic.

Another inviting room from the pages of Domino. Again, upholstered headboards are used and the color theme is defined. I love that several of these rooms feature beds separated by a charming little window.

Lastly, this room in the home of Juicy Couture founder, Pamela Skaist-Levy, features antique twin beds.

The beds are separated by an antique ottoman and vintage Louis Vuitton hat box. The home was featured in Harpers Bazaar in 2005.

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