Five Hundred

It just dawned on me that I hit the 500 post mark last week. This is post 517! I can hardly believe it. I started my blog as a way to get myself writing again. I don’t think I even told anyone about it at first. Slowly but surely, La Dolce Vita has evolved from a series of personal essays to an outlet for my love of interior design and my incurable wanderlust. Along the way, I have met some fabulous people, gained a few readers, and learned quite a bit. If you have been reading since the beginning, thank you so much for sticking by me through this journey which has included career changes, failures, an occasional case of writer’s block, and a desperate desire to “find myself”. You were right! Eventually, we do land where we belong and I am in a fantastic place now and absolutely love what I do and the fact that it has freed up so much time for me to devote to my blog.

If you are a new reader, welcome and a huge thank you! I hope that you can find a little inspiration here. It means so much to me to hear what you all have to say. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope that you will keep reading.

While I have your attention, I just wanted to let you know that there will not be an installment of Jet Set this week. I haven’t been inspired by any particular place in the past week. Sure, there are tons of amazing places in the world, but it has been a very busy week and truth be told, I would rather share something with you that I am really passionate about and have researched extensively than simply put up a couple of pictures of some fabulous hotel. So, if it’s alright with you guys, I am thinking I might start featuring Jet Set twice a month instead. What do you think?

Image via Benjamin Dhuong

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