Literary Love: They're Here!

Like so many people, I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous Penguin Classics series designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith when they debuted last November. The ten book series was inspired by patterns and each book includes a matte foil design. My birthday is in November, so I thought I'd ask for them for my birthday. However, at that time, they were only available in the UK through Waterstone's for about 40 pounds a piece.

Fast forward to mid-February, when I came across this blog post. I was ecstatic to see that they are now available at Chapters Indigo bookstores in Canada and that they ship to the United States. The best part, however, is that they are going for $14.99 Canadian, which is about $11 U.S. dollars! I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and received them about four or five days later.

Here they are in my home:

They are incredibly beautiful in person and I hope to pass them on to my children some day. I plan to go back and read or re-read each book in the series very soon. If you are interested in ordering a set for yourself, visit Chapters. Unfortunately, they do not show images of the books, but I do have the exact ISBN numbers. This is what I used and they were exactly what I was hoping for.

Madame Bovary (9780141040318)
Great Expectations(9780141040363)
Sense & Sensibility(9780141040370)
Tess of the D’Urbervilles(9780141040332)
Pride & Prejudice(9780141040349)
Crime & Punishment(9780140455687)
Jane Eyre(9780141040387)
Picture of Dorian Gray(9780141442464)
Wuthering Heights(9700141040356)

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