Colorful Interiors by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Eileen Kathryn Boyd's New York Showroom
Eileen Kathryn Boyd is a very successful New York-based designer with an impressive background and twenty years of experience in the business of interior design. What stands out most to me about her designs is her bold, yet impeccable use of color. She reminds me a bit of Amanda Nisbet in the way that she infuses color so masterfully into even the most traditional settings.

Boyd at home with her children

Boyd is perhaps best known for her use of color and helps her clients figure out their color footprint and helps them create a unique color story for their particular project. "She is very aware of geometry and scale, enabling her to get just the right proportions -- resulting in perfect harmony. Perhaps, the best way to recognize Eileen’s magnificent work is to refer to her intricate yet bold use of color. Decorating with color is often the antidote to breathing life into a dark-drab space, and her intriguing interpretations do just that! She is able to effortlessly blend traditional as well as modern elements into a space, further highlighting her inspiring imprint on interior design."

Despite the fact that she does employ some modern or contemporary pieces, what is most striking to me, is the fact that Boyd usually takes very traditional pieces such as gilded French chairs and modernizes them by reupholstering them in fuchsia or turquoise fabric. It is bold choices, such as these that set Boyd apart and have helped to form her eclectic and chic style.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd's Personal Residence:

Boyd has also designed some gorgeous Showhouses. The following are my favorites.
Spring Crush:


Day Dream Believer:

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