The Mutual Admiration Society Meets Again!

Me, Courtney (Under a Paper Moon), Meg (Late Check-In), Kylie (Bandelle), Carolina (Carolina Eclectic), Lauren (Material Girls), and Courtney (Inside the Loop) - Paige of I *heart*You was taking the picture.

On Sunday, all of the Houston bloggers got together for a long over due lunch. It had been months and months since we had all seen each other, so we met at The Raven Grill where we lingered for four hours, as is typical of the meals we share. It is so fun to have so many different points of view at one table. It was wonderful to see my old friends (minus Joni of Cote de Texas, who unfortunately had a stomach ache) and meet two new ones, Courtney of Under A Paper Moon, and Meg of Late Check-In. I can honestly say, that I admire each of these girls for different reasons and hope that we can all get together more often.

What a lovely and talented group! Kylie, Paige, Lauren, and Courtney

At least this time, they didn't start turning the lights off in the restaurant as we lingered over our conversation!

Me with our two new Houston bloggers

Courtney is sweet as can be and Meg is hilarious and has literally traveled all over the world

Thanks to Carolina for the photos! Yours turned out better than the one the waiter took with my camera. We missed you, Joni!

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