Style Profile: Erinn Valencich

Erinn Valencich is a modern day Martha Stewart, if you will. A veritable "Jane of all trades", she is the owner of Omniarte Design, a Los Angeles-based interior design firm, but she also works as a stylist and helps clients to entertain. She is a proponent of beautiful living in every facet. Not only does she create stylish and eclectic spaces, she also seeks to create delicious food and chic parties. She has worked with many celebrity clients, including Mischa Barton, Jaime Pressly, and Jennifer Love Hewitt and has been featured in numerous publications and on several television shows.

I find Erinn's work to be particularly inspiring because of its fresh and current aesthetic. Her work is filled with many different colors, patterns, and textures The result is at once youthful and sophisticated. In a time when so many people are facing financial difficulties and with the loss of publications like Domino and Cottage Living, it is quite refreshing to come across a designer whose work is chic, but looks attainable! I feel like one could certainly achieve these looks with a little creativity. They seem to be perfect examples of pairing pricier items with less expensive ones and would be perfect for incorporating vintage pieces that have been given new life through a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery. I had a tough time narrowing down the images to use from her profile because I loved so many, so I hope that you will enjoying seeing them!

All images via Omniarte Design

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