Design Crush: Juxtaposition Home

I have dreamed of owning my own store from an early age. When I was younger, I wanted to own a clothing boutique, then a store with unique gifts and decorative objects, and now, I would love to own a store with fabulous new and antique furniture, found objects, decorative accessories, maybe a beauty-bar, the whole shabang. Houstonians, think a mini Kuhl-Linscomb, but more my style. Who knows if it will ever happen and if it does, it won't be for a very long time as I would imagine that it would be difficult to own a store and have young children at the same time which is a major factor as we would like to start a family soon. Oh, and there's also the small detail of having neither the money nor the chutzpah to attempt to open a full-blown retail operation in the current economy.

Before I get any further off track, I should mention the fact that I came across Juxtaposition Home a little while ago and was instantly smitten. It fit so many of the criteria of my dream store. Juxtaposition Home is located in Newport Coast, California and looks absolutely incredible. Has anyone been there? I would love to hear all about it if you have. What's not to love about a store whose slogan is "Where vintage industrial, crisp linen, and found objects are not strange bedfellows"?

For more information on Juxtaposition Home, please visit their website.

All images via Juxtaposition Home

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