Urban Market

Fabian and I took our first trip to the Urban Market yesterday. It was a great experience. The weather was beautiful, there were so many fantastic booths to explore, and the highlight of our visit was meeting Sally Wheat. Her booth (pictured above and in the two pictures below)immediately caught my eye and as we walked into the tent she said she recognized me from my blog, which was too funny. We chatted for a while and it turns out that I was her niece's AP Spanish teacher last year and I was a student at the junior high where Sally taught in the 90's. It really is such a small world! Anyway, she couldn't have been sweeter and we all know how gorgeous her home is. We can't wait until the next market!

I wanted to take all of the chairs Sally had in her booth home with me!

An antique, etched lantern

An interesting display

Religious figures

I love beautiful, old, beat up doors.

This booth had a lot of beautiful linens.

This display was very "Eddie Ross" to me.

We loved these huge lanterns!

I also loved the pair of mirrored tables for sale in Found's booth.

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