Chic Digs: J.K. Place Hotel in Florence

The J.K. Place Hotel in Florence, Italy is a destination in and of itself. Set amid the backdrop of a medieval city steeped in tradition, the J.K. Place is an utterly chic and modern refuge located on the Piazza Santa Maria Novella. The upscale boutique hotel which consists of 20 rooms, was designed by the revered Italian architect and interior designer, Michele Bonan (pronounced mii-keh-leh), the creative genius behind the design of almost every Ferragamo-owned hotel.

Michele believes loves designing hotels and feels that each one should have "its own soul". "I try to avoid details that annoy me- such as colours that don't allow you to see whether a room is clean and cushions that are too hard," he says. "I also hate those tiny bottles of toiletries, which is why the bottles at J.K. Place are so huge." Bonan frequently mixes contemporary and traditional elements and favors the use of local materials (in this case, Tuscan stone and wild boar hide). Michele strives to create spaces where form meets function and makes sure to implement walk-in closets and bathrooms in which the W.C. is separate from the shower and sink.

The beautiful J.K. Place features ebony wenge floors, high-end lighting, all wrapped in shades of cream, brown, and grey. The result is warm and inviting, yet it manages to simultaneously give off a chic and sexy vibe. Aside from being an incredible design hotel, the J.K. Palace is renowned for its amiable and attentive service. Rooms range from 350 Euro per night for a Classic Room to 1,000 Euro per night for a Master Room.

The J.K. Lounge

The Hotel's Library

The gorgeous dining room where guests eat breakfast together sits beneath a glass-domed ceiling. The look of this room totally reminds me of this.

The Elegant Marble Staircase

An ultra-chic sitting area in one of the suites

The hotel is housed in a building from the 18th century. Many of its original details, such as the intricate ceiling in this room lend themselves beautifully to Bonan's design aesthetic.

Lovely chairs and sketches

A close-up look of the sitting area in the Master Room

The Master Room

The well-appointed bathroom features an incredible view of Florence

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J.K. Place Hotel

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