(Flipping) Out with a Bang

I really enjoyed last night's season finale of Flipping Out. Mostly because it focused on what I love about the show: the amazing transformation of the homes (How gorgeous is Lorie's house?!), the real estate deals (Lynn telling Jeff "I think you're just awful."), and Jeff's hilarious antics and one-liners (asking Ryan if he and his entourage could move in for "a couple weeks, months").

I wish that there would have been more of this throughout the second season as opposed to focusing SO much on the drama with the assistants. I know that the real estate market has taken a big hit in the Los Angeles area and that Jeff and Ryan didn't have as many projects to share with us as they did in the first season, but I'm hoping things pick up for them soon and that someday, I will win the lottery so that I can hire them to come design my dream home.

Image via Bravo TV

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