A (Mostly) Lovely Evening

Lauren (Material Girls), Kylie (Bandelle), me, and Paige (i*heart*you)

Last night, I joined fellow Houston bloggers Kylie, Paige, and Lauren for an art opening at Moxie featuring the work of artist David Hardaker. Carolina had originally extended the invitation to all of us, but unfortunately, had to stay home as she was feeling under the weather. We caught up on what everyone had been up to, talked about the various styles represented in Hardaker's work and oohed and ahhed over the unique lamps that were everywhere.

All of the furniture i.e. merchandise at Moxie was covered up in order to make Hardaker's work the main focus of the space

After a while, we parted ways with Lauren who had a party to attend and Kylie, Paige, and I made our way over to Dolce Vita for some delicious, authentic pizza. Kylie thought I would like it. I know it was because of the name, but I couldn't help but wonder if she secretly knew about my immense love of pizza. We chatted while we waited for our table until we were finally seated. We discussed many topics and truly enjoyed each other's company.

As we walked out to the residential street where we had all parked, I jokingly said "I hope my car's still there" as the Montrose area is notorious for towing. As we approached the street where we'd parked I said "Oh my gosh, it's not there. My car is gone!". I think the girls might have thought I was joking at first, but once we got a little closer, it set in for everyone that it was really gone. Kylie and Paige were so sweet to wait around with me while I asked a tow truck driver, who was sitting in his dark truck waiting to prey on yet another sucker if he knew if my car had been towed. I swear, he must have been the rudest man I have ever encountered. I then called the tow line through the Houston Police Department and was greeted by yet another incredibly rude person. This time, a woman named Shirley. I expained the situation to her and she then replied with absolute silence. After about 10 seconds, I said "M'am, what information would you like for me to give you?" and she said "That's what I was waiting for".

I won't bore you with the five seperate calls I had to make to Shirley before I found out where my car was. Kylie was sweet enough to drive me to meet Fabian about half way (though she kindly offered to take me all the way home, but I wouldn't let her) and then he and I drove across town to I-45 and Scott, an area that is considered shady at any time, but even moreso at 11:30 pm. We paid the $200 fine, got the car, and then found the lovely $100 parking ticket attached to the windshield. According to the time it was issued, I was cited and towed in the middle of a rainstorm. What a day! First, I learn about my disappearing finger prints and then I end an otherwise very lovely and fun evening with a bang.

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