Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

I've never been a huge Tori Spelling fan. Not that I disliked her, I just liked Brenda and Kelly better than Donna and let's face it, she hasn't had too many memorable roles since her days on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Just the other day, in a blur of summer boredom, I caught a couple of episodes of her show, Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen. I really, really enjoyed the show! Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott met while they were both married, divorced their exes, got married, bought and remodeled a bed and breakfast, had their adorable son, Liam who they lovingly call Monkey (he is the cutest thing ever!), and just moved back to Los Angeles where Tori recently gave birth to baby Stella.

Tori and Dean are both down to earth and very, very funny. Tori has the whole self-deprecating thing going on and is quite candid about her life and her family. She even seems relatable which is quite a feat coming from someone whose father was Aaron Spelling.

Of course, there is a catch. The show airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm central time, the prime TV slot which belongs to my beloved Jeff Lewis and Ryan Brown and their show, Flipping Out. No need to stress though! Oxygen replays Tori and Dean at 10 pm or you can always set your trusty DVR.

Click for a preview of the current season.

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