Labradoodle Love

Miniature Australian Labradoodle

My husband and I have been contemplating getting a dog for a while now. We want a sweet, intelligent, playful, but somewhat laid-back dog. Back in May, while celebrating his birthday in San Francisco, we saw an Australian Labradoodle for the first time. We've been smitten ever since! I tend to love shaggy dogs, and they definitely fit the bill (they don't shed...huge plus!).

Not to be mistaken with an American Labradoodle, which is just a first generation mix between a poodle and a lab, the Australian Labradoodle has been cross-bred across multiple generations. They come in three sizes: miniature, medium, and standard and with three possible types of coats.We like both the fleece and wool coats.I'm not sure if we'll actually get one, but I sure hope we do.

Standard Australian Labradoodles in a variety of colors

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