Fun Weekend in Dallas

We spent a fun and indulgent weekend catching up with our friends, Meredith and Allen in Dallas this weekend. Meredith and I have been friends since the seventh grade and have remained close ever since despite the fact that we haven't lived in the same city since our senior year of high school. Whenever we're together, it's as if no time has passed at all. Though our stay was short and sweet, we fit quite a few things into our weekend: lots of eating, shopping, some sightseeing, going out for drinks, and playing Rock Band for the first time (I like to sing, while Fabian prefers the drums).

We started Saturday off by having brunch at Bread Winner's, a Dallas institution. It was delicious!

I was super excited to visit the Williams Sonoma Home store for the first time. We don't have one in Houston, but I'm always drooling over their catalogs.

Here's where the indulgent part comes in. Meredith and Allen always take us to some great restaurants, but I always end up feeling like I've eaten enough for an entire month after I leave. We stood in line for a while to get cupcakes at Sprinkles.

Yummy cupcakes: Milk Chocolate (very rich), Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut

We had such a fun weekend and hope to do it again soon!

New image via Design*Sponge. My husband requested that I get his approval before posting pictures of him. LOL!

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