Bravo: One Big, Happy Family

So, I was going through the Flipping Out Photo Diaries over on Bravo TV's website when I came across something shocking. First, the readers at Scented Glossy Magazines unearthed the truth about Jenni and Chris Elwood and now this! It turns out that the fabulous New Chris, whose style statements, work ethic, and quick wit are universally adored is the brother of Angela from season 3 of Project Runway! Angela, whose rumpled garments and overuse of rosettes made me cringe. Angela, whose mother cried over the awful mumu Jeffrey designed for her. Weird! And evidently, Jenni is a Senior Consultant on the show. Whatever that means. Please enlighten me, if you happen to know. Next, we're going to find out that Zoila is actually Tim Gunn's adopted sister.

Image via Bravo TV

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