Under a Rock

A personalized iomoi lucite tray would make a fabulous gift for a bride to be.

Evidently, I have been living under a rock. I had not heard of iomoi until very recently. iomoi is a stationery company with fresh, whimsical designs. They carry an assortment of personalized stationery including calling cards, note cards, lucite trays, invitations, etc. However, they are unique in that they offer an e-stationery membership. Through the membership, you are able to choose from several stylish designs and customize them to your liking before sending them off to your friends. It only costs $15 per year.

Founding partners, Irene Chen, former director of product development at Donna Karan and Matthew Grenby, an entrepreneur had grown accustomed to communicating through e-mail as they were separated by several time zones. Wanting a more personal touch, they set about designing hand-written notes that could be sent via e-mail and iomoi was born.

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