Lunch with Kylie of Bandelle

Tiny Boxwood's is the cutest little restaurant. I told Fabian that I will have to take him soon. When I go back, I'll have to take a picture of the gorgeous bar. As soon as we walked in, I noticed the Circa Bryant sconces, which I have in my foyer.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting Kylie of Bandelle for lunch. Kylie suggested that we go to Tiny Boxwood's. I had heard lots of great things about the little cafe and was eager to try it and to meet Kylie, who has been a good blogging friend and was gracious enough to design my new header.

Well, both Kylie and the café were as fabulous as I thought they would be! Kylie is just gorgeous (she could totally be a model), is as sweet and nice as can be, and is smart to boot (she and her husband are both Rice grads). My trio of herbed chicken salad, mixed organic greens in champagne vinaigrette, and seasonal fruit salad was great, too. :)

We decided to brave the heat and sit on the patio. Within 10 minutes, Kylie had gone inside to see if any tables were available as we were both melting in the hot Texas sun. I brought my camera, but we didn't have an opportunity to have someone take our picture, and I would guess that Kylie, like myself, wouldn't be too excited to have her picture taken after sitting in the heat for an hour. Alas, all of the tables inside were taken, so we relied on our lemonade and tea to cool us down as we discovered that we have quite a few things in common. The most rewarding thing I have gotten out of blogging has been the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and in turn, establishing relationships with people who share so many of the same interests.

After lunch, Kylie suggested that we walk through Thompson + Hanson's nursery and that we visit their lovely shop filled with antiques and gifts. You see, Thompson + Hanson is arguably Houston's best landscape architecture firm and they happen to own Tiny Boxwood's Café, the retail nursery, and the antique and décor shop.

Afterwards, we went next door to Indulge, where Kylie had seen some cool items on which to display the beautiful custom jewelry she creates. Indulge is a lovely, French-inspired store which sells furniture, linens, table top items, lighting, and an assortment of gifts. Like Tiny Boxwood's and the Thompson + Hanson shop, Indulge is dressed in a palette of soothing grey, taupe, and cream.

The owners of Indulge often bring their adorable dogs to work. We were greeted by two of these gentle giants and were instantly smitten.

I had such a great time meeting Kylie and visiting these wonderful stores that I hadn't been to before. I promise to take a picture the next time we get together!

Images via Thompson + Hanson and Indulge

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