The Liberty Hotel in Boston

I came across The Liberty Hotel in Boston as I was searching for travel options on Expedia. My husband's birthday is on May 2nd and I'd like to take him away for the weekend of his birthday. We're thinking of going back to San Francisco since we loved it so much the first time we visited (We honeymooned there and in the Wine Country) or we could visit Seattle, Chicago, or Boston for the first time. I'd love any suggestions for any one of these cities if you would be willing to share. I can't quite decide which city to choose!

Anyhow, back to the task at hand. As I was looking at Boston hotel options on Expedia, I came across The Liberty Hotel and was instantly intrigued. This sleek, modern boutique hotel is housed inside of the former Charles Street Jail, which was once home to some of Chicago's most notorious criminals. In 1973, the prisoners revolted due to the poor living conditions and the jail was deemed to be in violation of the inmates' constitutional rights. In 1990, the last prisoners were transferred to the Suffolk County Jail and it closed after nearly 150 years.

It took the current hotel's owners 5 years and $150 million to revamp the old jail into what is now a trendy and luxurious hotel. The Liberty houses a swanky bar and Clink restaurant, which is surrounded by original jail bars and windows. The hotel, which was once home to violent criminals is now home to the likes of Annette Benning, Eva Mendes, Mick Jagger, and Meg Ryan when they visit Boston. When I told my husband about this place, he looked at me like I was nuts. I don't know if we'll ever actually stay at The Liberty as it has to be haunted and I'm a big chicken! One hundred fifty plus years of poor living conditions for angry criminals... that is a sure fire recipe for mean ghosts!

What matters is that at the end of the day, they did an incredible job with this hotel. It is sleek, modern, and unique...everything I love in a hotel. We choose to stay in boutique hotels whenever we can for this reason. I know there are people who can't justify paying for a nice hotel because they spend so little time there, but I am the opposite. To me, a hotel is such a big part of one's travel experience. It really can make your trip that much better or that much worse.

To learn more about The Liberty Hotel, check out this article from USA Today.

The Hotel's Exterior

The ornate railings and catwalks where the prison guards once stood

A rendering of the jail back in 1850

The Reception Desk

The Hotel's Lobby

Clink Restaurant

Original Jail Doors at Clink

I love the chandeliers in the hotel's ballroom.

A view of the hotel (it's on the left behind the trees)

Guest Room

Sitting Area in a Guest Room

Living Area in a Suite

View of Boston from a Balcony

Images from Expedia and The Liberty Hotel

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