Speaking of Target....

I scored some great stuff at Target this week! First, this kelly green necklace made of teeny, tiny beads woven together and then strewn into links to form a chain. I LOVE it and the best part is that it was only $20!

Then today, I bought a couple of lamps on an impulse. I've been trying to find new bedside lamps since October. It has been quite an odyssey, believe me. First, I had to narrow down my options of Circa Lighting lamps. I still haven't fully committed to one because there are so many amazing options. Anyway, I'm waiting for the finalists to come in, but it will be at least another month since the lamps are handmade. Back to Target, I found these silver glass gourd / ball lamps today. I'm not sure if I'm keeping them yet, hence the plastic on the shade. What do you think? Should I keep these? Are they tall enough?

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