How was your day, honey?

Every evening when my husband arrives home from work, I ask him about his day and he asks me about mine. "How was your day, honey?" I asked this evening, to which he replied "Oh, you know. It was really busy. I started working on a project with a guy named Nate Berkus. Have you heard of him?"

"Have I heard of him? Of course I've heard of him! He is a great designer! You know, he's the uber-cutie that Oprah has on her show all the time. I love him!" I shriek at my husband. He then proceeds to tell me that he knew the name, but couldn't remember what he looked like.

Then, as all sweet husbands do, he asked "How was your day?".

"How was my day, you ask? Well, I spent the majority of my time telling kids to stop talking and tried coaxing them into doing their work. But don't worry, I managed to get some Spanish in when I wasn't teaching teenagers about the wonders of common courtesy." It's a joy to teach these things when you thought you'd signed on to teach AP Spanish. "Oh, and you know that cute white button down I bought a couple of weeks ago with the ruffle neckline?(I can't find a picture of it and have already changed out of it, but I assure you, it is very cute) I wore that today and my students (teen boys) let me know that my shirt looked like it was "from the 1800's", was "very piratey", and asked if I've ever watched the episode of Seinfeld with the puffy shirt. (For the record, it looks nothing like that. Not even close!) It was great, honey. Thanks for asking!"

Lucky hubby. He gets to speak to Nate Berkus and work on projects like Gwyneth Paltrow's house and the Sex and the City Movie . Meanwhile, it's "Aaarrrgh! A pirate's life for me...".

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