Martha Stewart Sells her Homes

Okay, so she's never actually lived in them, but the houses Martha Stewart has designed and is currently selling with KB Home are inspired by her personal homes in The Hamptons, Maine, and Upstate New York. The only neighborhood selling these homes in Texas is about ten minutes away from me, so I convinced Fabian to go check them out with me a couple of weekends ago. Initially, I was skeptical because KB Home is not thought of as an upscale builder, but after visiting the Martha Stewart model homes, they have convinced me otherwise. Ever since that first visit, I have become a woman obsessed. I must have one of these Martha Stewart homes. Unfortunately, we are not in the market for a new home. We just bought our current house 17 months ago and it wouldn't be wise to sell with the market the way it is right now.

Now, as most of you know, I'm constantly talking about how much I miss the city and that we will move back in a few years when we will hopefully be able to afford to live in a beautiful home inside the loop. However, I seem to be regressing. Remember that post a couple of weeks ago when I described the strange force that was taking over me? You know, the one that made me feel like it might be alright to stay in the suburbs. Well, these Martha Stewart homes aren't helping my cause. I would gladly move 10 minutes further west than we already are if I could live in one of these homes. They have everything the homes inside Houston's 610 loop have. They have all the charm of old homes: wainscoting, subway tile, hexagon tile, coffered ceilings, picture frame windows, but they are new, so you won't have any of the pesky inconveniences of an older home like small closets. These homes have some amazing features like libraries, 3-way floor to ceiling dressing mirrors, enormous closets, mud rooms, and some seriously gorgeous kitchens. A similar home would cost upwards of $ 2 million in Houston's West University, Southampton, or River Oaks areas, but they are a fraction of that price in this community. You just have to be willing to drive into town.

As promised, I went back yesterday and covertly snapped some pictures for my files. In the event that these homes sell out before we are ready to buy, I will have pictures and floor plans to show a custom home builder. There are about 60 pictures, so I created some slide shows for you to see, but I don't think I will be able to add them into the post, so I will post the links instead. On our first visit, I fell in love with the Lily Pond home, but after visiting a second time, I think I love the Katonah home even more, though would choose a different elevation. It is a very open floor plan and would be fabulous for entertaining.

Katonah Model
Katonah 2
Katonah 3
Lily Pond
Lily Pond 2

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