Design Inspiration for our Home Office

So, the hubby and I have been talking about getting a new desk and redecorating our home office. I think we'll paint the room a grayish taupe color, add some shelves, and an Eames Management Chair. After looking online, I fell in love with a couple of desks from Ralph Lauren Home. I absolutely love the modern twist of the sawhorses! However, the desks retail between $16,000 to $18,000. That's way more than we want to spend on a desk, but they are just so chic! How can we get this look at a more reasonable price?
Ralph Lauren's Highbridge and Brigham desks:

Enter CB2, Crate and Barrel's younger, edgier sister. I found two dining tables with a similar look to the Ralph Lauren desks for a fraction of the price! Even though these are dining tables, they are not as long as the RL ones (we thought that could be a problem).

Here is the Reunion Table, which retails for $399.

The Silverado table for just $299:

The table would be paired with a timeless Eames Management Chair.

And I think it would be cool to finish the room with this coral chandelier from Worlds Away, though I don't know how practical that would be.

I'd also like to add an inspiration board on one of the walls to pin inspiring photos and magazine tear outs on. Opinions? Am I crazy for wanting to use a dining table as a desk?

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