Remember the Alamo

While most of the restaurants and stores in my suburb are pretty lame, there is one place that I absolutely love. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema originated in downtown Austin and slowly expanded throughout Texas until it reached us here in Katy.

The best part of this movie theater is the fact that it is 21 and up only, which means no annoying teenagers or crying children. In addition to that, they have a full bar and a great menus. Fabian and I particularly love their gourmet pizzas. The theater and the people who work there would be right at home in the Montrose or River Oaks areas, and almost seem too cool for the suburbs, but it works. I'm not complaining, as it is hands down my favorite place in Katy. What other theater gives you extra leg room, awesome pizza, a few drinks, and a McLovin fake id?
The theater usually sets up some sort of fun activity on the night a movie opens or they give away fun freebies like the McLovin ID I got last night. :)

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