Stranger Danger

As most of you can imagine, being one half of a young twenty-something, childless couple in the suburbs can be absolutely exhilarating. Right. In addition to the joys of limited quality eateries and a plethora of banks and nail salons are the inevitable run-ins with other people's bratty children. I know what you're thinking. Why would I say such a thing? After all, every child is a little angel. Well, apparently you don't live where I live.

Case in point: I go to Jamba Juice after each work out at the gym and order their delicious Strawberry Nirvana smoothie, with a protein boost of course. It is a little ritual I have come to love. However, a recent trip to my favorite smoothie joint was a bit disarming. I walked up to the counter, ordered my drink, and planned to sit on one of the stools while I waited as I had just had my butt kicked by my trainer. There was a nice lady standing next to the other stool and her cute little boy, who must have been about five, was sitting in said stool. I smiled politely and sat down. Well, apparently, no one bothered to tell me that I bear a striking resemblance to the boogie man. I've been compared to several celebrities, but he has never been one of them. As soon as I sat down, the boy made a horrible face and shrieked out "Mommy!!", then said "That lady is sitting there. I don't want her to sit there!" Now I understand he is just a kid, but I was more put off by the fact that she pulled him off of the stool, looked at me, pursed her lips and said "Stranger danger". Believe me lady, I don't want your little gem! While I think it's great that she is teaching him to beware of strangers, it might be helpful if she took a refresher course in manners and social tact.

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